Terms & Conditions

We are thrilled to have you as part of the KWETU Academy community, where we’re committed to guiding you on your online educational journey. The following pages outline the terms and conditions that establish a contractual agreement between you and KWETU Academy. This agreement encompasses your utilization of our website and the mechanisms by which our comprehensive learning programs are made accessible to you.

While the complete terms and conditions are detailed further below, we have encapsulated the core elements of this agreement for your convenience. Please note that this summary is not legally binding, and in cases of conflict, reference should be made to the full contract.


(a) Use of Our Website:

  • KWETU Academy is granted the right to use all content on our platform, subject to respect for content ownership.
  • Commercial use of our website or its content is prohibited.
  • Sharing our homepage URL is allowed, but acknowledgment of content source is required for partial links or copied content.
  • We do not assume responsibility for content on external linked sites.
  • Scraping or automated collection of website content is prohibited.
  • We adhere to privacy and data protection laws. For detailed information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

(b) Course Registration:

  • Partner Institutions may have additional terms for course eligibility.
  • Certification, if provided by a Partner Institution, is their sole responsibility.
  • Content on our platform is for personal or business learning only; distribution is prohibited.
  • User-generated content may be shared on our site under certain licenses.
  • Content on our platform is owned by us or our Partner Institutions.


The ensuing terms and conditions (referred to as the “Terms”) apply to the utilization of information, services, and materials (“Online Content and Courses”) through the KWETU Academy website (referred to as the “Website”). This applies to both visitors (referred to as “Visitors”) and registered students (referred to as “Learners”).

These Terms must be read in conjunction with our policies, including Privacy, Cookies, and Cancellation and Refund policies (collectively referred to as the “Policies”).

Please review these Terms thoroughly. They are non-negotiable. If you do not agree with them, you must discontinue using the Website and Online Content and Courses immediately.

About KWETU Academy:

1.1. In these Terms, “we” or “us” refer to KWETU Academy, a company registered in [Location] (registration number [Registration Number]) with a registered address at [Address].

1.2. In these Terms, “you” refers to both Learners and Visitors.

1.3. KWETU Academy offers Online Content and Courses from a range of institutions worldwide (“Partner Institutions”).

1.4. For inquiries about these Terms or to contact us, please visit our “Support” section on the Website.

Using the Website (Learner Conduct):

2.1. By utilizing the Website and Online Content and Courses, you affirm compliance with these Terms and Policies. Use by individuals under the age of 13 is strictly prohibited.

2.2. Use of the Website and content is subject to Acceptable Use Conditions, including lawful and respectful usage.

2.3. Responsibility for personal Learner Content is acknowledged.

2.4. Website access may change without notice.

2.5. Content exposure is possible; KWETU Academy is not liable for claims arising from such content.

2.6. KWETU Academy may halt Website provision at its discretion.

2.7. You are responsible for compliance and consequences of any breach.

Registration and Accounts:

3.1. Registration is required for full participation. Account details must not be shared.

3.2. Accurate information is essential. Learner Account details must be maintained and updated.

3.3. Use of your Learner Account adheres to specified conditions.

3.4. Certain actions may result in disqualification or restricted access.

Course Providers:

4.1. Some Online Content and Courses are offered by Partner Institutions.

4.2. Terms, policies, and procedures of Partner Institutions may apply to specific courses.

4.3. KWETU Academy may modify or alter course details.

4.4. Certification may be available for specific courses.

4.5. Accreditation and other recognition are subject to Partner Institutions’ policies.

4.6. Additional resources may be offered for purchase.

4.7. Participation within specific organizations follows defined terms.

4.8. Digital-only certification may be provided for certain courses.

This is a concise representation of the contract. For detailed terms, refer to the complete document below.

5. License to Learn and Grow

At KWETU Academy, we grant you a versatile, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and fully revocable license. This empowers you to access, utilize, and view our Online Content and Courses exclusively for personal, educational purposes as laid out in these terms. You’re also granted the privilege to download relevant content from the Online Content and Courses to exercise the rights granted here.

5.1. Embrace Knowledge Responsibly

You’re kindly requested to adhere to all copyright notices and restrictions found on the Website or within the Online Content and Courses. Altering or removing attributions, legal notices, or proprietary indications is not permitted.

5.2. Creative Commons and Freedom of Learning

Certain Partner Institutions, at their discretion, may offer specific Online Content and Courses under a Creative Commons license (non-commercial). When this occurs, it will be clearly communicated on the relevant course page, and the Creative Commons license terms will supersede specific portions of these Terms.

Your Voice in the Community

6. Sharing Your Insights

Throughout your journey on KWETU Academy, your active participation is cherished. Share your thoughts by uploading notes, replies, discussions, assignments, and more (“Learner Content”).

6.2. Your Ownership of Learner Content

KWETU Academy acknowledges your ownership of the Learner Content you submit or provide for inclusion on our platform. You retain all rights, title, and interest in your Learner Content, subject to certain licenses granted.

6.3. License to Amplify Your Voice

By submitting Learner Content, you grant KWETU Academy an irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license. This empowers us to utilize, distribute, modify, adapt, and display your Learner Content within our Website and Online Content and Courses, even sublicensing these rights as required for education.

6.4. Your Commitment to Truth

When contributing Learner Content, you affirm that you have the necessary rights, accuracy, and completeness. Any third-party fees related to your Learner Content are your responsibility.

6.5. A Platform of Integrity

KWETU Academy urges you to comply with applicable laws and guidelines concerning online conduct and content. Transmission of technical data follows relevant regulations.

6.8. Conversations in the Community

Communication methods on KWETU Academy are avenues for learning. They constitute public forms of interaction, and you accept that your communications are subject to our Terms, Policies, and Code of Conduct.

7. Upgrades and Uninterrupted Learning

Embark on continuous learning with KWETU Academy’s Upgrades, Unlimited, and Subscription Access options.

7.1. Expanding Your Learning Horizons

Choose to enhance your learning by purchasing Upgrades, Paid Upfront Courses, or Subscription Access, all clearly specified on course description pages.

7.3. Your Free Exploration Period

Subscription Access includes a Free Trial Period. This period begins immediately and allows you to explore before committing.

7.5. Adapting to Your Journey

KWETU Academy offers flexibility, allowing you to upgrade, renew, or cancel Subscription Access according to your preferences.

7.8. Our Price Promise

We may modify fees, but we’ll always inform you in advance.

8. Unlocking Opportunities: Promotions and Codes

Embrace learning at a reduced cost with KWETU Academy’s Promotions and Discount Codes.

9. Upholding Intellectual Property Rights

KWETU Academy respects intellectual property rights and diligently addresses any infringements.

Privacy and Security: 10.1. Safeguarding your privacy is paramount. Explore our detailed Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy to grasp the intricacies.

Linking to Other Sites: 11.1. KWETU Academy’s platform might feature links to external websites (“Linked Sites”), which could offer various content, products, or services for purchase.

11.2. The content of Linked Sites isn’t authored or monitored by KWETU Academy. Please recognize:

11.2.1. We can’t ensure accuracy or availability of data on Linked Sites;

11.2.2. We don’t control or endorse sponsors or content on Linked Sites.

11.3. Links to Linked Sites might be modified or removed at our discretion.

11.4. KWETU Academy isn’t responsible for transactions or content on Linked Sites.

11.5. Respect for intellectual property rights on Linked Sites is vital, and our links don’t imply a partnership.

KWETU Academy’s Intellectual Property Rights: 12.1. We own or are licensed to use all intellectual property rights regarding KWETU Academy’s Website, Online Content, and Courses, including technology, source code, content, images, and more.

12.2. Except your contributions, all copyrights, trademarks, and designs on KWETU Academy’s platform belong to us.

12.3. If any rights vest in you, you assign them to us.

Your Liability to KWETU Academy: 13.1. You indemnify us from claims resulting from your actions, breach of terms, or negligence.

Our Liability to You: 14.1. KWETU Academy’s services are “as is.” We exclude all warranties, and we’re not liable for special, indirect, or economic loss.

14.2. KWETU Academy doesn’t guarantee accuracy of content and disclaims liability for your use.

14.3. We’re not responsible for transactions, changes, or data integrity.

14.4. We can suspend services and terminate accounts for violations.

Governing Law: 15.1. These Terms follow English and Welsh laws.

15.2. Any disputes will be resolved in English courts.

Changes to KWETU Academy and these Terms: 16.1. Terms may change, and we’ll notify you of significant updates.

16.2. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue services.

Other Important Terms: 17.1. If any term is unenforceable, the rest remain.

17.2. Only you and we can enforce these Terms.

17.3. We can transfer rights under these Terms.

17.4. These Terms supersede prior agreements.


Last Updated August 1st 2023